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Starts June – August
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About Squad Super League

Execute and learn from as many MVPs as possible between June – August 2024.

Every Super Squad is rewarded if they:

Launch a minimum number of 3 MVPs within the 3 month period

Diligently submits weekly tracking data

Demonstrates that feedback and data has influenced subsequent MVP

Demonstrates adherence to the agile practices (Sprint Planning, DSUs, Sprint Reviews & Retrospectives)


Meet the agreed squad’s overall target

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How it works

Submit details of each MVPs, and how it was formulated based on previous learnings.
Provide weekly leading metric data after each launched MVPs, particularly if it differs from the overall Squad target.
Mandatory: Provide insights or lessons derived from launched MVPs that have influenced the new MVP.
Strictly adhere to Agile practices, including Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives. Spot-checks will be conducted.

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Terms and Conditions

The award amount is based on squad’s overall adherence to the Agile principles and is subject to the committee’s final decision. For squads outside of Malaysia, the award will be in non-monetary form. Please refer the full Terms and Conditions.


What to achieve

MVP Goal

Launch as many MVPs as possible.


Submit weekly leading indicator data
Submit MVP's weekly result

Squad Goal

Propose at least one overall squad target which can be measured weekly.


Provide the baseline data for the target and submit weekly updates on the target’s progress.
Submit Squad's weekly progress

Your targets can encompass various areas, including but not limited to:

Increasing Premium/Contribution |  Increasing Policy Count |  Improving Productivity |  Increasing the Number of Intermediaries |  Reducing Costs |  Enhancing Measurable Customer Experience (e.g., NPS or other relevant metrics) |  Improving Customer Stickiness (increasing frequent engagement with Etiqa) |  Increasing Brand Awareness

Reasons to join!

Super Squads that deploy at least three Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with weekly results will be awarded RM6,000*

For every subsequent MVPs, Super Squads will receive an additional RM2,000* per MVP

This bonus is granted to Super Squads that successfully meet their overall targets AND exceptional outcomes.

* The award amount may vary. It is subject to the decision of the Squad Super League committee based on the squad’s overall adherence to the Agile principles. For squads outside of Malaysia, the award will be in non-monetary form. Please refer the full Terms and Conditions here.

Each squad member will also receive an e-certificate for their participation

Programme Timeline

Kick off & Registration (14th May - onwards)

A kick-off session will be held on the 14th May to provide further details of the Squad Super League.
For registration, each squad must submit the following to qualify:
- Overall goal and 1 metric to measure
- Metric baseline and target

Reviewing Submission (22nd May - onwards)

En. Kamal & relevant SMC members will review and approve your squad's submission. During this period, alternative or additional metric and targets may be suggested if your metric is not a good fit.

Tracking (1st June - 30th August)

Squad must submit details of each new MVP, agile details, and tracking metric data after it is launched, every subsequent week. Agile practices like Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives should be conducted during the commencement of squad's MVP.

The league's leaderboard for each squad's progress will be shared on the Squad Super League website.

Squads who miss any submissions will be expelled from the League!

Closing (2nd September - 6 September)

During this period, each squad will submit their final report. Results for each squad will be reviewed within 2 weeks.

Award Ceremony (Mid Sept)

Squads that met their overall target and other criteria are awarded between RM6,000* to RM15,000* depending on the outcomes achieved and the team's commitment towards agile practice.