Which country can the start-up be based in?

The program is open to startups from any country. However, we are interested with startups who are operating in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore or Cambodia.

Am I limited to work with Etiqa in the country that I am applying from?

No. You can identify the country which you would like to collaborate with Etiqa in.

What type (industry) of startup can apply?

We are open to explore with startups from any industry that may have relevance to insurance.

What type (maturity) of startup can apply?

At a minimum, we are looking for startups that has launched an MVP.

Are there any fees to the program?

The program is free of charge.

I’m the founder of my startup. Can I join the program by myself?

No, this program requires at least one founder and another team member who is responsible for collaboration to commit time in throughout the 4 months of program duration.

How actionable will the curriculum be?

No, Etiqa will curate the program specifically for each startup to areas that will be most beneficial to them.


Where is this program being held?

The program is being run in Kuala Lumpur. However, the collaboration may happen with any of our locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore or Cambodia.

Is this a full time program? Do I have to be in Etiqa for the 4 months?

No, you will not need to be in Etiqa for the 4 months. However, based on the needs of each startup, you may be required to be in Kuala Lumpur for specific meetings.

Are there scheduled training sessions for all participants?

As this is a tailored program, training sessions will be organised based on individual startup needs

Are there mentors assigned to each company?

Yes. Expertise from Etiqa and program partners will be assigned to work with you.

What is the difference between Escapade and an accelerator/incubator program?

Accelerator or Incubator programs will generally take a cohort of startups through a single curriculum, and at the end, pitch their solutions for fund raising or customers. Although the Escapade program selects startups at the same time, each startup will have specific goals and support that is organised.

Will Etiqa invest in the company?

Etiqa may invest in the company. Etiqa will also introduce our VC partners to you.

Do I retain the rights associated with my idea or solution?

This will be discussed during the program.

How often do we meet with Etiqa? Mentors? Customers?

This will depend on specific needs and scheduled accordingly.

What is the commitment from the startup?

Consider the escapade program as a project. Etiqa expects the startup the commit the agreed time and resources to making the project a success.

Are startups expected to work from a specific place/space?

We will provide each startup with space to work which is very close to Etiqa in KL. This will make it easier to meet with Etiqa. However, we only expect startups to be there as much as required to make the program successful

Is workspace provided? Where? For how many?

Yes, you will be provided with two hot desks in a co-work space in Bangsar, KL which is next to the Etiqa office. This will be provided for 4 months.

Is accommodation provided?

No. However, we will provide recommended discounted accommodation.

Do I need visa? 6-month Professional Visit Pass?

You will need the appropriate visa to come to Malaysia based on your passport.

Is there insurance during the program?

Yes when you have purchased one. If you have not, you may purchase one at