n [ˈes.kə.peɪd ]
meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary:

an act involving some danger, risk, or excitement, because it is different from usual or expected behaviour

Etiqa’s platform to collaborate with startups to make the world a better place

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Why is Etiqa running escapade?

escapade is a regional search for startups with growth potential who would benefit from working closely with Etiqa. It is a 4-month tailored program that provides startups with access to Etiqa’s network of expert and mentors.

We are searching for new technologies, services, products, channels or markets that can:


disrupt the insurance experience


enhance the insurance eco-system

Why participate?

Get to work directly with Etiqa product and channel teams

Expanding your market reach

Coworking Space in Kuala Lumpur

Complimentary access for your entire team during the program

1-to-1 Tailored Program

Make it yours. We bring the experts, you work on your venture.

Product Validation

Access to our customers across the region to validate the service or product

Raise Fund

Our network will help you connect with investors and funding partners

Questions about our program?

Go to our FAQ page or feel free to ask a question.

Program Partners

START Malaysia